Our Staff

While the Sixth Amendment Center is new, the senior members of our staff have been working together for many years, improving our theories and working principles.

David CarrollDavid Carroll, Executive Director

Email, 617.512.4946

David Carroll is a nationally recognized expert on the standards and methods for the delivery of right to counsel services, with more than 15 years of providing technical assistance to policymakers at the federal, state and local levels. He has led numerous research and evaluation projects, authored several papers and reports, and has testified on right to counsel issues before a number of state legislatures and the U.S. Congress. His work has brought him to all but two of the nation’s 50 states.

Jon MosherJon Mosher, Deputy Director

Email, 202.870.3536

Jon Mosher has been working on right to counsel issues for more than 10 years. He is an expert on the standards for the delivery of indigent defense services, and the methods utilized by state and local government in providing for those services. He has extensive experience conducting standards-based assessments of indigent defense systems in jurisdictions across the country. Additionally, Mosher has authored many papers and reports, including the Sixth Amendment Center’s recent examination of Delaware’s struggles to provide meaningfully effective right to counsel services, The Crucible of Adversarial Testing: Access to Counsel in Delaware’s Criminal Courts.

Phyllis Mann, Senior Counsel

Email, 214.679.2019

Phyllis Mann has 22 years and counting of experience in criminal defense and its surrounding concerns, after earning her J.D. from Southern Methodist University. Since retiring from her private practice in the state and federal courts of Louisiana, Mann has focused her research, writing, and consulting on how our country can improve the quality and effectiveness of representation for people charged with crimes who cannot afford a private attorney. She has worked with Sixth Amendment Center staff for many years in evaluating indigent defense systems in and across jurisdictions from the east coast to the west, prior to joining our staff in 2015. Now living in her home state of Texas, in her spare time Mann is an omnivorous reader and enjoys getting out on a bicycle when the southern heat allows.

Michael Tartaglia, Counsel
Email, 617.356.9301

Michael Tartaglia joined 6AC staff following a one-year fellowship with 6AC from Boston University School of Law, where he received his JD cum laude in 2015. Prior to law school, he was a paralegal at the ACLU National Prison Project, working on class-action cases regarding prison conditions and advocating for more intelligent and evidence-based prison management policies. While at BU School of Law, Tartaglia interned with Greater Boston Legal Services’ Housing Division and the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia. He was also a defender in BU’s Criminal Clinic program, the senior notes editor on Boston University Law Review, and the president of his school’s ACLU student group.