2014 Caseload Assignments for All Attorneys in Montgomery County

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While participating in the IPDC, Montgomery County was allowed to report its contract attorneys as full-time with inadequate support staff and, based on whatever percentage the attorney’s compensation was of the highest paid deputy prosecutor in the county, was allowed to assign them up to that same percentage of a full-time caseload. (See * in the table below.) No contract attorney in Montgomery County has ever been full-time. Their contracts expressly provide that they “may continue to maintain separate law practices” and in fact each of them does so. For this reason, we show the contract attorneys as part-time.

There are likely additional individual attorneys who were appointed directly by judges on an hourly basis to cases during 2014, and it is also likely that one or more of the contract attorneys accepted additional cases on an hourly basis during 2014, however the Montgomery County public defense administrator is not responsible for maintaining these records and so cannot provide them. (See ** below.)

Note: all assignments of adult felonies to contract attorneys are level 2 to 5; the contract attorneys are not assigned level 1 felonies. (See *** below.)

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2014 Caseload Assignments for All Attorneys in Montgomery County