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At a Glance (as of 2013)

Percentage of state funding: 100%
Percentage of local funding: 0%
Percentage of alternative funding: 0%
State commission: yes
Branch of government: judicial


Structure & Funding of Indigent Defense Services

Missouri statute places oversight of the right to counsel with a seven-member commission appointed by the governor with advice and consent of the Senate. MSPD has 33 trial-level public defender offices providing services to adult and juvenile clients in 45 judicial circuits covering the state’s 115 counties. Unlike almost every other state public defender system (or county-based defender system, for that matter) that has a separate system for conflict representation, the Missouri public defender system assigns a neighboring public defender office to provide representation in multiple defendant and other conflict cases. Missouri uses assigned counsel or contract defenders in less than 2% of all cases assigned to the system.



Statutory Authority

Missouri Revised Statutes 600.011 through 600.096 R.S.MO. 600.015

Source of data: original research conducted by Sixth Amendment Center staff.