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Tennessee undermines own values in providing counsel to the poor

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblrPinterestPrintPleading the Sixth: Tennessee has a grand tradition of holding almost every government function directly accountable to the electorate. However, a major structural flaw in how the state’s indigent defense budget is requested, defended and allocated between the state’s elected

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US DOJ enters Statement of Interest in NYCLU class action lawsuit

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblrPinterestPrintPleading the Sixth: The U.S. Department of Justice entered a Statement of Interest in a class action lawsuit brought by the New York Civil Liberties Union alleging egregious Sixth Amendment violations in that state. Importantly, the Statement denotes DOJ’s position

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ACLU files federal 6th Amendment class action lawsuit against a Mississippi County

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblrPinterestPrintPleading the Sixth: On September 23, 2014, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a complaint in U.S. District Court alleging that Scott County, Mississippi routinely detains felony defendants pre-trial without bail while failing to appoint counsel until after formal

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Idaho Governor signs public defense commission bill into law

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblrPinterestPrintPleading the Sixth: Idaho became the 23rd state to create a statewide public defender commission overseeing right to counsel services when the Governor signed a reform bill into law after it overwhelmingly passed both chambers of the legislature. Though the Governor

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Closing Arguments with Fred Friedman

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblrPinterestPrint“Closing Arguments” is a joint venture of the National Association for Public Defense (NAPD) and the Sixth Amendment Center (6AC). The 6AC regularly sits down with long-time right to counsel leaders nearing the end of their careers to share thoughts and

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State public defense commission bill entered in Idaho legislature

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblrPinterestPrintPleading the Sixth: A new bill creating a statewide public defense commission was entered into the Idaho House of Representatives in early February 2014. The bill is the recommendation of a legislative interim committee on public defense reform that studied

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