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Nevada Chief Justice: “We must do better at providing representation to rural defendants.”

Pleading the Sixth: In his State of the Judiciary address, Nevada’s Chief Justice decried the growing justice gap in right to counsel services between urban and rural jurisdictions in his state. Announcing that rural counties simply cannot shoulder the state’s

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Idaho Governor signs public defense commission bill into law

Pleading the Sixth: Idaho became the 23rd state to create a statewide public defender commission overseeing right to counsel services when the Governor signed a reform bill into law after it overwhelmingly passed both chambers of the legislature. Though the Governor

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New Mexico legislature begins work on public defender commission bill

Pleading the Sixth: On November 6, 2012, the New Mexico electorate passed a constitutional amendment requiring the creation of an independent public defender commission.  In anticipation of the next legislative session, the House Committee for the Courts, Corrections and Justice

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Michigan clears first legislative hurdle on way to reforming indigent defense

Pleading the Sixth: On September 19, 2012, the Michigan House Judiciary Committee favorably voted the indigent defense reform bill on to the full House on an overwhelmingly bi-partisan basis.  A week earlier, the bill was almost derailed in the committee

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Indigent defense bill introduced in Michigan legislature

Pleading the Sixth:  A sweeping indigent defense reform bill was introduced in the Michigan legislature on August 15, 2012 that promises to bring accountability to and improve the quality of right to counsel services in the state.  Initial signs are

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