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New York caseload standards announced and their importance to statewide reform explained

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblrPinterestPrintPleading the Sixth: In early April 2017, the New York governor’s office and legislature reached a historic legislative agreement. The state of New York is already committed to pay for the systemic reforms promulgated pursuant to the settlement agreement in

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The “Indiana Model” for providing right to counsel services does not work

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblrPinterestPrintPleading the Sixth: On October 24, 2016, the Sixth Amendment Center released its report on trial level indigent defense services in Indiana. Beginning in the 1990s, the “Indiana Model” was widely promoted as potentially the best way to improve the provision

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In wake of 6AC report, legislative changes are already afoot in Utah

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblrPinterestPrintPleading the Sixth: On the heels of the 6AC report, the Utah Judicial Council adopted a report on October 26, 2015, by an indigent defense study committee calling for significant state actions, including a statewide commission with authority to set

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How public defenders struggle with ethical blindness

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblrPinterestPrintPleading the Sixth: Do psychological factors force public defenders to rationalize sub-par performance in the face of excessive caseloads? And are these unconscious phenomena responsible for the failure to institutionalize caseload controls? These are just a few of the questions

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National Center for the Right to Counsel bill entered in U.S. House

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblrPinterestPrintPleading the Sixth: On October 30, 2013, U.S. Representative Ted Deutch entered a bill to create a federally funded National Center for the Right to Counsel to aid states in meeting their constitutional obligations under Gideon. Though a national center providing

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Independence jeopardized with public defender reorganization plan in King County, Washington

emailTwitterFacebookLinkedinGoogle+RedditTumblrPinterestPrintPleading the Sixth: King County, Washington (Seattle) released a plan for the reorganization of its right to counsel system.  Long-regarded as an indigent defense “best practice” jurisdiction, the County proposes to eliminate independence while transitioning the staff of the four

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