6AC Law Student Network

We are proud to announce the 6AC Law Student Network! The 6AC Law Student Network harnesses the power of the Boston-area law schools to transform 6AC’s research and data-collection capacities by enlisting quality and eager students to work with 6AC to:

  • Conduct empirical research, including data analysis, delving deeply into the issues confronting the United States’ criminal legal system, the effects of those issues on people in poverty, and possible solutions for the future;
  • Contribute to documentation of existing public defense needs, including the impact on due process of the many, varied measures taken by jurisdictions around the country to address the 2020 public health crisis; and
  • Participate in our assessments of the right to counsel in Illinois and New Hampshire.

The 6AC Law Student Network hosted its inaugural class in summer 2020 and works in partnership with: Boston College Law School; Boston University School of Law; Harvard Law School; New England Law | Boston; Northeastern University School of Law; and Suffolk University Law School.

2020 Fall Internship Program

We are delighted to welcome back students Tyson Burleigh and Jala Tomlinson from 6AC’s summer internship program to continue working with 6AC for another semester!  We are also excited to announce 6AC’s partnership this fall with the highly regarded Boston University School of Law (BU) Criminal Trial Practice Clinic! Nine law students in their final year at BU have been meticulously trained to defend criminal cases in Massachusetts courts. This fall, in order to augment the work they are doing in the Boston Juvenile and Boston Municipal Courts, the students will engage in a special project to enhance 6AC’s current evaluation of public defense in the neighboring state of New Hampshire. The partnership will allow students to gain a deep, on the ground perspective of the criminal legal process in another state while making a substantive, real world contribution to the mission of 6AC in supporting policy makers’ efforts to deliver equal justice.  6AC welcomes this partnership with the following students in the BU Criminal Trial Practice Clinic:

  • Laura Jensen
  • Maris Kramer-Brosnan
  • Rozman Lynch
  • Hayley Maybaum
  • Kaileigh Poe
  • Hanna Shah
  • Alex Weinstein
  • Kennedy Williams
  • Tristan Worthington

2020 Summer Internship Program

Buddy Bardenwerper, 2L
Harvard Law School
Harvard Kennedy School
J.D. & MPP Candidate, Class of 2022
Mary Brown, 2L
Harvard Law School
J.D. Candidate Class of 2022
Tyson Burleigh, 2L
Boston University School of Law
J.D. Candidate, Class of 2022
Brian Hurley, 3L
Suffolk University Law School
J.D. Candidate, Class of 2021
Grace Rhodehouse, 3L
New England Law | Boston
J.D. Candidate, Class of 2021
Shayna Scott, 2L
Northeastern University School of Law
J.D. Candidate, Class of 2022
Jala Tomlinson, 2L
New England Law | Boston
J.D. Candidate Class of 2022