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Nevada Supreme Court bans flat fee contracting

Pleading the Sixth: On July 23, 2015, the Nevada Supreme Court banned the use of flat fee contracts in the provision of indigent defense services. The same order endorses the statewide commission format. Will the order force legislative change? The

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Nevada Supreme Court issues order on early case resolution

Pleading the Sixth: A huge victory for right to counsel advocates in Nevada will most assuredly cause reverberations across the country. More than a year after the public defenders in Reno asked the Nevada Supreme Court to rescind a district

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Podcast: A conversation about the 6AC report on the right to counsel in rural Nevada, Reclaiming Justice

Today, we recorded an 8-minute conversation with David Carroll, executive director with the Sixth Amendment Center, getting a little bit of the backstory on Reclaiming Justice, our report on the right to counsel in rural Nevada. Listen to the conversation here.

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Nevada Justice calls for state to fix rural right to counsel services

Pleading the Sixth:  “Nevada’s rural counties simply cannot shoulder the state’s obligations under the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution any longer,” announced Nevada Supreme Court Justice Michael Cherry in an official Court press release announcing the publication of the

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A showdown brewing over Early Case Resolution programs in Reno

Pleading the Sixth: In January 2008, the Nevada Supreme Court removed the judiciary from the oversight of indigent defense services. On June 8, 2012, a Washoe County (Reno) District Judge tested that mandate with his own administrative order imposing an

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