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2021 Year in Review

By Michael Tartaglia and Kourtney Kinchen 6AC presents this year in review to acknowledge the most significant reforms to how the right to counsel is funded and delivered across the United States. We wish all our readers a happy and

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Calm down; the New Mexico Supreme Court did not say flat-fee contracts are always constitutional

Pleading the Sixth: Though press reports are generally touting a recent New Mexico Supreme Court opinion as declaring flat fee contracting to be constitutional, the reality is more nuanced. The 6AC walks the reader through the historical background for the

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New Mexico becomes 20th state with independent public defense commission

Pleading the Sixth: On April 5, 2013, the Governor of New Mexico signed a public defender commission bill into law signaling the end of the political practices that led to instability in the chief public defender position. Will this day

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New Mexico legislature begins work on public defender commission bill

Pleading the Sixth: On November 6, 2012, the New Mexico electorate passed a constitutional amendment requiring the creation of an independent public defender commission.  In anticipation of the next legislative session, the House Committee for the Courts, Corrections and Justice

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New Mexico voters to decide fate of public defender independence

Pleading the Sixth: Advocates in New Mexico have tried for years to insulate the state public defender from undue political interference with no success.  So now the voters will decide whether to amend the state constitution to require the legislature

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